I create websites.

Hey there! I'm a web developer who's been tinkering with personal projects for a whopping 20 years. Now, I'm all set to kickstart my professional career and I'm on the hunt for cool projects to spruce up my portfolio. Got anything interesting in mind? Let's talk!

How I work.

When it comes to web development, I'm all about getting things just right:

  • _Building for the Future

    I don't just whip up websites — I create them with tomorrow in mind. The way I structure things makes it a breeze to add new stuff when you need it.

  • _Fancy Code Stuff

    I'm pretty proud of the HTML and CSS code I write. It's all up–to–date and follows the rules. That way, your site not only looks good but also gets some love from search engines.

  • _No Heavy Code Here

    My websites aren't weighed down by clunky code. They're super light, which means they load fast and give users a smooth ride.

  • _Pixel Perfection

    I'm obssessed by detail. I make sure every pixel lines up perfectly, so your site looks spot on.

  • _One Size Fits All

    Your site shouldn't care what screen it's on. I use Bootstrap to make sure your site looks awesome on desktops, tablets, and even those tiny phone screens.

Ready to see these skills in action?

What I do.

So, I create websites that slide right into your workflow and keep on expanding with your business. Actually, we'll work together and we're gonna tackle three levels. What's the deal?

  • Lvl_1. Fast Kickoff

    We'll kick things off by taking your simplest product or service (I like to call it the "starter pack") and showcase it on a cool one-page website.

  • Lvl_2. Steady Growth

    Next, we'll dive deep into your entire lineup, organize it for your customers, and slowly pile on new pages for each of your starter packs.

  • Lvl_3. Worldwide HQ

    Lastly, we'll transform your website into a CMS and hook it up with CRM system to create a global HQ.

Ready to get started?

Let's craft.

Right now, I'm on a mission to team up with 10 awesome clients and show them what I'm made of. I want to craft some killer websites from the ground up that really pack a punch. Wanna grab one of  those spots and make something amazing together?

Tell me about your project.

I'm pumped to bring my passion, experience, and 110% commitment to your project. Let's team up and make something epic happen!